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Granulation Machinery

Product Image (RDRMG)


Price: 300000.00 - 1500000.00 INR/Number

Rapid Mixer Granulator is used for Making of Granules in the Pharma Industry , it is also known as High Shear Mixer, we manufacture from Lab Models to 600 Litres capacity

Product Image (RDOGB)

Drum Blender

Price: 325000 INR

We are Manufacturer of a Drum Blender from lab model to 5000 litres. We also manufacture other type of blenders like drum blender, v blender, double cone blender, ribbon blender

Product Image (RDDM)


Price: 150000 INR

we manufacture tablet dust extractor , which is used in pharma industry coupled with tablet press, for extraction of extra dust on turret.

Product Image (RDTD)


Price: 65000 INR

we manufacture tablet deburring and deduting machine with brushing attachment,. also we make elevating type deduster coupled with tablet metal detector

Product Image (RDETD)

pharma Pellet Making Machine

Price: 10,00,000 INR

We manufacture pharma pellet making machine , first you have to extrude your product then spheronize the same , convert into pellet, do drug layering with wruster coater or bottom spray

Product Image (RDSPD)

Pellet Making Machine (Spheriodiser)

Price: 550000 INR

We manufacture Pharma Pellets making machine like Extrder and spheronizer which are used in pharma industry for making pellets. We also make wruster coater for drug layering of the pellets.

Product Image (12)

Colloid Mill

Price: 150000 INR

We manufacture Colloid Mill, it is basically a Particle size reduction in liquid, the machine with rotar and stator movement at high speed of 2800 rpm, there is shearing force which reduces particle size

Product Image (17)

Coating Pan

Price: 375000 INR

We manufacture Tablet Coating Machine for sugar, film and aqeous, with spraying system attached to perstaltic pump complete plc monitered. We also manufacture Auto Coater from Lab model to 60 inch

Product Image (11)

Communiting Mill

Price: 325000 INR

We manufacture Communiting Mill or Cad Mill or Fritz Mill as it is said, it is high speed mill with 800 kgs per hour output. We can even supply all the spares for Cad Mill and Fritz Mill.


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